About Us

The Montgomery Housing Alliance is a coalition of organizations focused on increasing
the rate of preservation and development of affordable housing in Montgomery County.
We are made up of dues-paying members that include non-profit developers, for-profit
developers with a specific interest in affordable housing, non-profit organizations that
serve people in need of affordable housing, and other groups who count affordable
housing as one of their policy goals.

We are currently working on these policy issues:

Increasing the HIF to $100 Million a year to meet the recommendation in the Montgomery County Rental Housing Study.

Increasing density of affordable housing near transit centers.

Increasing the affordable housing requirement in all development in Montgomery County to 15% MPDUs.

Supporting policy changes that would make it less cumbersome to build Accessory Dwelling Units in Montgomery County.

Prioritizing the development of affordable housing on county-owned land.

Creating pathways for affordable housing development to bypass some of the bureaucratic red tape involved in developing property in Montgomery County.